Welcome to quiz28. We have twenty-eight Bible subjects to choose from and each subject contains twenty questions. Each question lists five multiple-choice answers. The object of the quiz is to select the correct answer for each of the twenty questions in the subject of your choice as quickly as possible.

As soon as you start playing the timer will begin and when you complete the final question the timer will stop and give you your overall time. If you get an answer wrong you will be prompted to try that question again and you will not be allowed to continue until you get it right. Obviously you could eventually find the correct answer just by going through all of the possible answers, but this will cost you time!

Each question also has a text which you can look up to find the answer. It will open in a new window so again this will cost you time. You can do the quiz as many times as you like, building up speed each time you do it.

You can exit a quiz at any time by clicking on the quiz28 logo at the top of the screen.


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